Layers of aromatic rice and marinated meat cooked together to create the ultimate one pot dish. Layers of aromatic rice and succulent meat make biryani one of the most sought-after dishes in Indian cuisine. From region to region, this Mughal classic varies in flavor and style. In Bombay this delicacy includes dried plums and potatoes. Lucknawi biryani features yellow rice and subtle aromatics, while Hyderabad boasts a spicier version of this dish. Our recipe seamlessly brings together all of the bold flavors that biriyani embodies, using a method that cuts the usual cooking time in half. Enjoy this slow-cooked meal, even on a time-crunched weeknight! Yogurt is usually used in the marinade, as it helps keep the meat moist and tender. The longer you can allow the meat to marinate the better the flavor of the biryani.